Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Story of Recruitment Hassles

Mine is a common story as that of many average mortals. I was just fed up with my job. I couldn’t give it up though; it was my only source of income.

For sure, my unhappiness impacted my work; the only thing to anticipate was to see which happened first – my getting a better job or fired in exasperation.

I wanted the former – definitely not the latter – to happen first. Everybody in my situation would do so, wouldn’t they?

The job search hassles

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the difficulties of switching jobs. First, you have to decide on the industry you want to get into, next the type of company, its location and reputation, and finally an opening that is right for you.

If you’re lucky the whole thing happens fast. If not, it could take a couple of painful years or more.When you successfully find the right opening, you realize your hassles have just begun.

Painful interview processes

I was lucky to get some interview calls fairly soon – I happened to be in a growing field by chance, you know! My real hassles began when I got those calls. One was in a distant town and I had to take a couple of days off from work.

There were a few that were in the same town where I lived, but were no different; I had to take a full day’s leave for attending each. Travelling to the venue of the interview took hours. Finding the room was a real pain sometimes.

I was always scared of and normally didn’t do well in the written tests they gave, to measure my aptitude and other skills. Then the time spent waiting for my turn of the interview! The wheel of time would seem to have stopped for eternity! Finally, when entering the interview room rarely was I in my best of moods.

When I was done, I would feel thoroughly spent – in very low spirits – and a whole day was gone. I didn’t succeed in any interview: switching to a better job continued to be elusive.

In the mean time, things were going from bad to worse for me in my office. With those days of leave, the stress caused by the excuses I had to invent, the below par interviews and the angry scowl of my boss directed at me all the time only worsened my already poor performance. I felt the moment of getting fired was fast approaching.

My Salvation

Then came a big break for me in the form of a fantastic job search application I stumbled upon. Not only did it have 24*7 recruitment options anywhere and anytime, it had also  many other state-of-the-art features such as global recruiting facility, hassle-free recruitment procedures and real time video interviews.

Above all, it offered an incredible aptitude test mechanism to support apt job search capabilities as per your skill set and an excellent resume creation support. All I needed was a smart phone.

To make a long story of success short, I downloaded the app on my smart phone, signed up and had all their support to access to a huge number of opportunities.In a little while, I had the offer of a dream job. I was able to put in my papers before my boss fired me, and switch over to the job and life I had wanted for so long.

If you are today like what I was once, you would do well to sign up for such an innovative job search portal and jump-start your career. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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