Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Story of Recruitment Hassles

Mine is a common story as that of many average mortals. I was just fed up with my job. I couldn’t give it up though; it was my only source of income.

For sure, my unhappiness impacted my work; the only thing to anticipate was to see which happened first – my getting a better job or fired in exasperation.

I wanted the former – definitely not the latter – to happen first. Everybody in my situation would do so, wouldn’t they?

The job search hassles

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the difficulties of switching jobs. First, you have to decide on the industry you want to get into, next the type of company, its location and reputation, and finally an opening that is right for you.

If you’re lucky the whole thing happens fast. If not, it could take a couple of painful years or more.When you successfully find the right opening, you realize your hassles have just begun.

Painful interview processes

I was lucky to get some interview calls fairly soon – I happened to be in a growing field by chance, you know! My real hassles began when I got those calls. One was in a distant town and I had to take a couple of days off from work.

There were a few that were in the same town where I lived, but were no different; I had to take a full day’s leave for attending each. Travelling to the venue of the interview took hours. Finding the room was a real pain sometimes.

I was always scared of and normally didn’t do well in the written tests they gave, to measure my aptitude and other skills. Then the time spent waiting for my turn of the interview! The wheel of time would seem to have stopped for eternity! Finally, when entering the interview room rarely was I in my best of moods.

When I was done, I would feel thoroughly spent – in very low spirits – and a whole day was gone. I didn’t succeed in any interview: switching to a better job continued to be elusive.

In the mean time, things were going from bad to worse for me in my office. With those days of leave, the stress caused by the excuses I had to invent, the below par interviews and the angry scowl of my boss directed at me all the time only worsened my already poor performance. I felt the moment of getting fired was fast approaching.

My Salvation

Then came a big break for me in the form of a fantastic job search application I stumbled upon. Not only did it have 24*7 recruitment options anywhere and anytime, it had also  many other state-of-the-art features such as global recruiting facility, hassle-free recruitment procedures and real time video interviews.

Above all, it offered an incredible aptitude test mechanism to support apt job search capabilities as per your skill set and an excellent resume creation support. All I needed was a smart phone.

To make a long story of success short, I downloaded the app on my smart phone, signed up and had all their support to access to a huge number of opportunities.In a little while, I had the offer of a dream job. I was able to put in my papers before my boss fired me, and switch over to the job and life I had wanted for so long.

If you are today like what I was once, you would do well to sign up for such an innovative job search portal and jump-start your career. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Balancing Your Life and Living

It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie in your first job or a top level manager with decades of success behind you. Finding a balance between your personal life and career is never easy. Routine pressures are bad enough, but when you are in the middle of a job search, the stress can be enormous.

What’s your priority? Which way do you go? It’s a tough situation, especially when you are young. For example, say you finally have that dream date you can’t afford to miss. At the same time, you get an interview call for a job you would be delighted to take – scheduled on the same day, around the same time. Which one should you sacrifice – the date or the interview, probably a definitive precursor to a loving life or a plum job?

With Trabaajo, it’s not ‘either…or’, but ‘both’!

Yes! Trabaajo can help you fit in both the date and the interview! You do not have to sacrifice one for the other – you CAN have both! It’s not magic: it’s just how smart recruiting scenario trends today! Yes! We’re talking about a video interview, the way of the smart recruiters – the in-thing today!

With this kind of interview, you do not have to be present at a specified location. You can take the interview from wherever it works for you – home, office, a hotel room or anywhere that gives you the quiet and privacy you require. All that you need are an internet access, a webcam and a mike, and you’re ready to go. Once the interview is over, you can restart your personal life! You are just putting the date on hold – not cancelling it!

If your interview is required to be of the recorded video format, that makes things even easier for you. The interviewer sends you recorded video questions. You send back your recorded video answers within the timeframe specified. That means you have total freedom to complete the interview in a way that suits you best. In addition, you can go ahead with the date – no hassles.


A video interview is truly convenient, no doubt! You don’t have to take a day off from work to travel to and from the place of the interview. No waiting for hours, no related expenses and waste of time! At a comfortable place of your choice and at ease, you can really do well at the interview.

While a video interview is great for you, don’t take your performance for granted. As it is a serious engagement that can chart your career, you need to prepare well for it, in every possible way and in every possible aspect.

You will do well to seek the guidance of a reputed Human Resources Agency like Trabaajo. With their rich expertise and long experience in the global job search and recruitment facilities, they will fix promising interviews for you.

You will certainly succeed in making a terrific impression on the recruiter. The job will come your way, and your date too will lead to an exciting future!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Video Interviews for Recruitment

So, you have a video interview coming up! You have done all the normal preparation that people do before such interviews. However, do you know the type of video interview you are going to take?

That is important because there are two types – real time and recorded interviews. Understanding the differences between the two will help you present your best performance. You need to make a terrific impression on the recruiter, needn’t you? Here you are!

The Real Time Video Interview

What is it?

The real time video interview, as the name suggests, is a live interview conducted online. It is also known as a two-way interview.

What is in it for you?

You are under great pressure here, no doubt! You cannot rethink and revise your answers, nor can you cover up mistakes you may make. If you are nervous or ill at ease, the recruiter can see it easily. The interview time is not flexible: you may have to take it at a time not convenient to you at all, which may cause you more anxiety.

The upside is that the good impression you succeed in making will be stronger: the recruiter knows pretty well that yours is not a rehearsed script, and you couldn’t have revised your responses. If the interview is for a position that requires a lot of interpersonal interaction, any positive impression you make can help you go a long way and help clinch the position for you!

What is in it for the recruiter?

The recruiter is able to do a live evaluation of each candidate. He can put extra pressure on you, if needed, to see whether you wilt or excel. He can vary the questions and tone of the interview as it progresses, to get a better understanding of your character and skill sets. The downside is that he may not be able to do an objective evaluation of your worth and suitability for the position, if he is distracted or is under great pressure himself.

The recorded video interview

What is it?

Recorded interviews are also known as asynchronous, one-way, pre-recorded and video screening interviews. Let not these terms puzzle you – they all mean the same thing. People tend to be long-winded sometimes, when there’s no need for any wind!

In this type, the interviewer records online questions and goes off line. The candidate happily responds to them ‘unobserved’, and submits the answers within a set timeframe. Well! That’s no problem, is it?

What is in it for you?

You can answer the questions at a place and time of your choosing, and so, your comfort level is rather high. It has to be so without any question! You can pause between questions to plan your answers. You can play back your answers, improve upon and rerecord those you are unhappy with. The danger lies in overthinking smart answers to impress the recruiter – trying to say too much and force in more information than is needed.

What is in it for the recruiter?

The recruiter has many an interview to plough through. Recorded interviews are easy for him to watch at his own pace and convenience; he can play them as many times as he wants, if that can help him get a better idea of a candidate. He can replay interviews of candidates who are similar, one after another, to do a comparative evaluation of them all, and zero in on the best. However, there can be no live interaction between the recruiter and the candidate, and they are both losers in a crucial way. This is indeed a serious limitation of the recorded interview, in comparison with the real time one.

For obvious reasons, the real time interview is the most popular and favored option today. It allows a considerable leeway for both the recruiter and the candidate. The former can fine-tune the interview to the live assessment of the skill sets of the candidate vis-à-vis the requirements of the position. The latter can understand closely the shifting focus of the interview, and display presence of mind and creativity in providing matching responses most effectively.

You will do well to seek the assistance of a state-of-the-art job application portal that has the following amazing features: global recruiting facility, creation of excellent resumes, appropriate aptitude test mechanism, hassle-free recruitment, real time video interviews, one stop documentation, cost-effective processes and so on.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Online Recruitment: The Way Ahead for All

Technology has revolutionized all walks of contemporary life; businesses, job interviews and selection processes are no exception. For years HR executives proclaimed that nothing could replace the face-to-face interview, and for them, it is the only way to select the right candidates.

The overwhelming advantages of online recruitment have discredited these reservations; recruiters accept now that the online process produces the best results for them. There are many advantages for the candidates as well. An overview of the major advantages of the system is presented in this post.

Customized software

Customized software packages enable an effective prescreening and shortlisting of candidates with profiles more suited for each position advertised. The lower the number of candidates the better placed are the recruiters to select the best candidates. The shortlisted applicants, on their part, would feel more confident to perform better.

Automated elimination of unsuitable applicants

Numerous job seekers apply for all kinds of vacancies, whether or not they are really qualified for the jobs. With tailor-made software in place, online recruitment enables automated elimination of all unsuitable candidates, thus saving a lot of bother for the recruiting companies. Candidates too learn to check the suitability of their own profiles before they apply for vacancies.

Saving of precious time

The traditional process of recruitment is a long drawn-out daunting task: recruiters spend weeks, perhaps even months on paper work, to line up prospective candidates for the interview; this in turn may take weeks, or even months for completion. Selection, intimation to successful candidates, and sufficient time interval for the selected candidates to report for duty are all time-consuming.

Applicants too have to waste a lot of time, painfully waiting, travelling to and fro, and going through every stage of recruitment. Online recruitment saves much precious time for both the recruiters and the applicants.

Saving of costs

Another main drawback of the traditional process of recruitment is the drain on large amounts of management resources and costs. Recruiting costs can be very high for an employer. This includes the logistics of the physical interview itself, the travel costs reimbursed to candidates (if offered) and the management resources that need to be devoted to the process.

Online interviews remove the logistics requirements, as it can be done by the recruiter sitting at his desk. Since no travel is involved, no reimbursements are required. And the system allows more interviews to be conducted in a specified period of time, freeing up management resources.

For the candidates, the fact that no travel is required can be a blessing. Additionally, being interviewed sitting in a place of their choosing allows them to be more at ease, and so to perform better at the interview.

No middlemen

Intermediaries who offer to help corporations with data of probable candidates are more often a bother than a source of help. They could often impede the selection process. They would try to squeeze in their preferred candidates and, at times, unfairly influence the recruiters. Online recruitment can do away with all intermediaries, and select objectively suitable candidates. That would be helpful to both the employer and the candidates.

Online recruitment is no longer the way of the future – it is here and now. It provides a win-win situation for both employers and job seekers, and it assures immense benefits for both the parties.