Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Online Recruitment: The Way Ahead for All

Technology has revolutionized all walks of contemporary life; businesses, job interviews and selection processes are no exception. For years HR executives proclaimed that nothing could replace the face-to-face interview, and for them, it is the only way to select the right candidates.

The overwhelming advantages of online recruitment have discredited these reservations; recruiters accept now that the online process produces the best results for them. There are many advantages for the candidates as well. An overview of the major advantages of the system is presented in this post.

Customized software

Customized software packages enable an effective prescreening and shortlisting of candidates with profiles more suited for each position advertised. The lower the number of candidates the better placed are the recruiters to select the best candidates. The shortlisted applicants, on their part, would feel more confident to perform better.

Automated elimination of unsuitable applicants

Numerous job seekers apply for all kinds of vacancies, whether or not they are really qualified for the jobs. With tailor-made software in place, online recruitment enables automated elimination of all unsuitable candidates, thus saving a lot of bother for the recruiting companies. Candidates too learn to check the suitability of their own profiles before they apply for vacancies.

Saving of precious time

The traditional process of recruitment is a long drawn-out daunting task: recruiters spend weeks, perhaps even months on paper work, to line up prospective candidates for the interview; this in turn may take weeks, or even months for completion. Selection, intimation to successful candidates, and sufficient time interval for the selected candidates to report for duty are all time-consuming.

Applicants too have to waste a lot of time, painfully waiting, travelling to and fro, and going through every stage of recruitment. Online recruitment saves much precious time for both the recruiters and the applicants.

Saving of costs

Another main drawback of the traditional process of recruitment is the drain on large amounts of management resources and costs. Recruiting costs can be very high for an employer. This includes the logistics of the physical interview itself, the travel costs reimbursed to candidates (if offered) and the management resources that need to be devoted to the process.

Online interviews remove the logistics requirements, as it can be done by the recruiter sitting at his desk. Since no travel is involved, no reimbursements are required. And the system allows more interviews to be conducted in a specified period of time, freeing up management resources.

For the candidates, the fact that no travel is required can be a blessing. Additionally, being interviewed sitting in a place of their choosing allows them to be more at ease, and so to perform better at the interview.

No middlemen

Intermediaries who offer to help corporations with data of probable candidates are more often a bother than a source of help. They could often impede the selection process. They would try to squeeze in their preferred candidates and, at times, unfairly influence the recruiters. Online recruitment can do away with all intermediaries, and select objectively suitable candidates. That would be helpful to both the employer and the candidates.

Online recruitment is no longer the way of the future – it is here and now. It provides a win-win situation for both employers and job seekers, and it assures immense benefits for both the parties.